Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Official Introduction

I am one woman, 32, with one little girl in Kindergarten. I have a loving husband who has a great career. I cook, clean, and have as close to a normal life as I possibly can. I also like to write, although I don't have anything actually new to write. All the money is tied up right now so...

Yeah, I'm reviewing. It helps keep me in the business of books and reading while my life gets itself back under control. Yet, it's a hobby. I make no money off this site. (If I did, I'd have to ban erotic romance off it. I've had enough of banning free speech lately.)

I read, but I don't spend all day reading. I don't post absolutely spectacular reviews that describe plot, setting, grammar, and everything between. This is fun. This is really one of the funnest things in my life that is going on. You know that old saying, when you have lemons, make lemonade? This is my lemonade.:)

I don't post every single day. I don't read every single day. If I make one post a week for reviews, you are lucky. This site isn't about pressure for me. It's about finding good serials to read and serialized novels, a concept that doesn't have many review sites on top of it. So, it makes me feel like I'm contributing too.

I don't accept payment for reviews. I don't accept payment for advertising. To get on the side of my site the serial is either something I am reading, something I've read, or it was empty and an author asked if I'd put it on. That simple.

I don't accept books as gifts. Either it's free and I can pick it up like any reader, I pay for it, or I can pick it up on a select day. I hate saying 'I got this book provided by the author for an honest review.' Tired of that crap.

I read what I like. I don't care if I read everything sent to me. There are things I like, and things I don't. I'm not a prude, I just like certain things more than others. Plus, I am using my own money and time to read. Save the money. I'll only be reviewing serials I LIKE. That's it. I won't even bother with stars on the blog.

I review here and on Amazon. Amazon is always a little different so it's not a cut and paste. Usually it's briefer too. I don't care about GR or the new booklikes or any other review site.

I don't mind sharing free book info, but not repeatedly. This blog isn't going to get thousands of readers because I am not following any basic blog rules. Like following the same genre, updating twice weekly, or anything like that. I don't facebook or twitter. It's the kiss of death not to market! I already know that.

You'll reach a minimal crowd. Same reason I don't care if someone wants to put their serial on the side of the site. It's all good to me. I just bet that there will be some serial authors who wouldn't mind the chance of getting a REVIEW. I am no star keeper. I don't have any set number of reviews or actions from authors or anything keeping me from a book. If the book is good, I'll post a review. Bottom line.

And that's it. This site is something I want to run in my free time. I miss my daughter in Kindergarten, I am stuck in a place where I am surrounded by well...not as many good things personally, so I'd rather read and review something fun. That's all it is.

Life can be stinky, so it's nice to freshen it up and escape into some books.:)


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