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Submitting Books:

*Please just send an Amazon link. It's where I shop, and it will give that verified purchase next to the book I review.
*I only accept serials or serialized novels. If you are wondering what those are, do some research.
*I don't accept gifts.
*I read what I like. Just because you submit info doesn't mean I'll read it. If I do select it as a book I read and wanted to review, I'll let you know. I won't tell you until I have the book read though.
*I read books that aren't always submitted either.
*If you see room on the side of the blog that you think your book could squeeze into, just ask. I don't mind putting books up on the side of my blog.

Okay, yeah, basic. Like I have asterisked up above, I need a link to Amazon for the first book in your serialized novel OR a book from your serial you'd like me to start off with. I accept paid as well as free books (on the retailer's site.), just don't gift them.

Let me know the genre(s) it falls into. I have no qualms about erotica because free speech is important, but I have many other interests and I want this blog to be more equal and not all erotic. Plus, erotica serials sell better, it doesn't need a review from me as much.
If there is something I need to know, like it's taboo, let me know.

About the only thing I probably don't want to read is a historical piece about war. There's probably others. I'm not so much into BDSM. I like werewolves and shape shifters. They don't necessarily have to be in erotic romance either. Yes, I'm an odd one. LOL. I love science fiction, fantasy, romance (sweet and erotic) and horror. I really love horror, they make excellent serials.

Yes, once again, I know I'm weird.

If your book isn't any of those, just shoot it to me anyway. I'm an eclectic reader, and I love more than I hate when it comes to books. It's not like your risking bad reviews anyhow.

I don't care if it's got reviews. I don't care if you're not a 4.0 average or whatever. I don't care if it's only got bad reviews. I care about the story, and that's it.

I guarantee no reviews. Seriously, not every book is going to be one I like. No reader is like that I think. At least not me.

I don't review anywhere except here and Amazon. Nowhere else. I shop at Amazon and I run this blog, so both make sense.

Contact me at or PM me on KB if you are on that forum. Don't send in any extra information like a sample of the piece for me to review. I don't want to see anything else that a regular customer can't see or read. I'm no one more special than your average customer.

Some mere warnings:

For goodness sake, do not send me an Amazon gift card to read your next book! I either will or won't, but when people do that to me Amazon just removes the review. So be smart and don't do that. A simple thanks will suffice if you want to show some appreciation.

If you answer under your review on Amazon, I may or may not answer back. Answering here would be nicer for me. It would make my comments section feel happy. Watch your wording though, I am not guaranteeing reviews or buying your books. If you say something that makes it sound like you paid or knew me through review, it could remove it. And seriously, I don't know you. You're just any other author to me I found on Amazon. All you provided to me was a link.

Yes, you can use my reviews on and off Amazon. I've never cared much about that. Put it on your next episode, whatever you like. Pin it up in your room and worship it day to day like it were a god. That'd be cool too.:) Anyhow, you should write down the review though because I never make promises that this site will be infinitely here forever, nor can I guarantee Amazon won't go through some wiping crusade.

Although honestly, I have only ever lost one book review to Amazon, and that was because of a cute appreciation gift card. So another reminder not to do that. Although even five bucks sounds good right now, it's not worth it to jinx a review.

I'm not top 1000 rank in review. I'm not in vine. I'm somewhere around 30,000 last time I looked. No one special, just a reader. You aren't getting much more recognition from me than any other review.

If you get all the book review gushing love of a lifetime on this site, it probably won't make a single difference to your sales.:)


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