Saturday, October 26, 2013

Poll (for those who can't use the side of the site)

What else would you like to see? *For those that can't use the poll on the side currently because of browser issues, you can leave a comment here about what you'd like to see. I can't include everything under the sun, but what interests you?

 1. NOTHING: Having serials on a website is cool enough, and I should leave everything else alone.
2. INTERVIEWS: Getting to know about the author and the serial they created.
3. UPCOMING SERIALS: What is going to be coming out soon, and more information about it.
4. SERIAL GIVEAWAYS: The chance to win an episode by an author, or maybe even the entire serial. (Depends on what the author would want.)
5. GUEST POSTING: Letting another author have a guest post for the day.
6. COVER REVEALS: Seeing what a new cover to a serial would look like. (Connected to upcoming serials.)
7. SERIALS THAT ARE ON WEBSITES: Not all serials are on Amazon, even though that's where I shop. Some authors write serials on their website, and then place the whole book or so many episodes up at once for sale instead. Would you like me to include them here?

 I think that's about it. I can't do everything because I'm not a full fledged review site with thousands of visitors and income. So let me know what you would be most interested in, and of course, you can choose more than one.


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